Friday, March 11, 2011

Raise your voice... know the symptoms of Meningitis

Yes this is a photography blog but above all my greatest love is my family. People need to be aware of this because it is so much more common then you realize. If you are a parent you will understand.

Watch true stories of people who have been affected by meningitis and see how you can help prevent this devastating disease. Go to

I did not use a real picture of those children lost to this out of respect to the families.


Julie said...

Hi there Sarah I'm Julie from the Z981 photographyblog. All the photos were taken in Australia. Beach pics mainly in New South Wales near Coffs Harbour, except for a couple Darwin sunsets in the Northern Territory, and some taken on Lord Howe Island which is about 4 hours off our coast.

Kodak Mommy said...

They are beautiful photos. I'm playing with the camera doing some black and white. yesterday I don't know what i did but put it in M mode and then did black and white when i went back to review the photos is said video can't be displayed...I finally just reset it and deleted "video" taken lol. But i have taken a few black and white photos so i know I can and I know it works...
I don't live near a beach...I am in PA. (US) My family lived in Germany for several years; sometimes I really want to go back. We also lived in Alaska...I only have a few photos from there because I was a teen and my dad didn't see the point in getting me a good camera that young...although i begged for one lol.
My daughter is 11 and she really liked your seagull pictures 